A quick tutorial on the new keyword research features in Scribe v4

Keyword research isn’t everyone’s favorite part of SEO. It can be time-consuming and can seem complex, which is one great reason for using a user-friendly tool like Scribe.

But of course, it’s essential. An effective search strategy means we have to be optimizing consciously … and that means keyword research.

And it’s not just a simple matter of pulling together a list of terms and search volume.

The new keyword suggestion tool in Scribe goes deeper into keywords, so you won’t just find popular content ideas, you’ll also find opportunities to publish online in under-served spaces.

Keyword research for content marketers requires more than just getting a list of terms and search volume.

In the new Keyword Suggestion tool from Scribe, we not only provide a list of related topics, we also provide a graphical representation of both popularity and competition.

Scribe Content Suggestions

As a content marketer, your goal isn’t just to find popular content ideas. You’re also looking for content opportunities that aren’t being pursued by others.

A unique new feature of Scribe Keyword Research is the ability to quickly drill into a term and compare your site’s online presence to sites that are already ranking for the term you are researching.

Scribe Keyword Detail

With Scribe, we analyze the term you are researching and compare the strength of your site to those who are already ranking for the term – providing you with an overall difficulty score.

This difficulty score is derived by comparing your site for the term to sites that already rank — including comparing the amount of content, links, authority, and social media shares.

In addition, Scribe provides you with extended demographic information, including the gender and age of people who search for the term as well as estimated search volumes and average pay-per-click cost.

With Scribe it’s easy to keep a pulse on online conversations for terms you are researching — which helps you craft headline ideas for your content.

Headlines from Twitter and Google+ are integrated into Scribe research, providing you with a real-time view of how people are conversing about your target keyword.

Scribe Google Plus Integration

Want to know the historical search trends for a keyword you are researching? With Scribe v4, we make it easy.

Integrated with Google Insights for Search, content marketers can quickly see historical trending information along with additional search terms and ideas that are gaining more attraction.

Scribe Google Insights for Search Integration

We hope this quick walk-through of the new keyword research functionality has been useful! As always, if you have feedback or concerns, login to myScribe and submit a v4 support ticket on the Help page.