Themes and Plug-ins

How to get your Theme or Plug-in Compatible with Scribe for WordPress

Scribe for WordPress wants to support your theme or plug-in! We believe that by working with you, we can better serve our mutual goals and provide a compelling experience for WordPress users.

If you are ready to get started, please review the information below BEFORE you complete the form.

  1. Make sure your theme/plug-in supports the html TITLE element and the META DESCRIPTION element.
  2. Send us a link with instructions for downloading your theme/plug-in. If you charge, please provide your theme/plug-in to us for free for testing.
  3. If you want faster integration, download a copy of Scribe for WordPress and feel free to modify the code. The more help, the faster the inclusion.

Program Requirements

  1. We will require you to help us promote the inclusion of your theme/plug-in to your users. We have a generous affiliate program that you will qualify for once we approve the integration.
  2. You will need to participate in the testing/debugging of our integration. We will not release an integrated theme/plug-in unless you acknowledge publicly that you have tested the integration and will support any integration issues. We will ALWAYS handle Scribe support issues but integration problems specific to your product are a shared responsibility.

That’s it. So if you are ready to start the process and can meet the conditions outlined above, we are ready to work together! Please note we do our best to support other developers and try to respond to all requests within 1 business week.

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