Introducing Scribe Web

Scribe is now available as a standalone web application. So no matter the ultimate publishing destination or content management system, Scribe lets you get the job done more efficiently than ever.

This standalone version of Scribe is especially well-suited for professional web writers who deal with clients on multiple platforms. The Scribe web version even produces an optimization report that can be delivered to clients along with the optimized content. This helps you keep clients better educated about the SEO process, and more in tune with the value you provide as a writer.

Scribe Web is available at and is included for all subscribers along with Scribe for WordPress. Take a look at the quick video below to see how easy SEO copywriting can be with the Scribe web version.

Scribe Web-based Version

Take a look at this quick video to see how the web-based version of Scribe works. Scribe Web allows you to optimize content no matter what the eventual publishing platform. Perfect for professional web writers who deal with organizations on varying content management systems, Scribe Web even produces an optimization report for your clients. And you get Scribe for WordPress included with your subscription!