Here's What People are Saying About Scribe:

  • Scribe allows for creative content marketing that gets attention, while keeping content creators focused on business goals. It just works.

    Greg BoserFounder and President of Foundation Digital

  • Scribe is my personal writing assistant. I create content the way I want, and then Scribe steps in to help me optimize it for the social media and search engine audiences I'm after.

    Jon Henshaw,Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Raven Internet Marketing Tools

  • Scribe allows for quick and easy optimization, and your content still performs well in social media channels. Scribe seriously rocks.

    Rae Hoffman-Dolan,CEO, Pushfire

  • When I'm creating online content, two things make the difference – efficiency and effectiveness. Scribe gives me both and makes me more money. If you're serious about content marketing, it makes sense to use Scribe.

    Sean Platt,author, publisher, and online entrepreneur

Derek Halpern Internet entrepreneur

My business depends on getting found for the right terms in social media and search engines. Scribe makes it easy to optimize my web content quickly, so I can get back to doing what matters – growing my business.

Johnny Truant Blogger and web developer

I used to say that as soon as someone could put the search engine stuff right in front of my face so I couldn’t miss it, made it idiotically simple to use, and took out all of the keyword-counting and artificial guesswork — that would be the day I’d start to pay attention to SEO. Then came Scribe, and suddenly I’m doing the SEO thing.

As a content manager, Scribe really streamlines the process of optimizing our content and writing titles. Unlike most other research tools, it allows us to evaluate our content without ever leaving the WordPress dashboard. One of our favorite new features is the ability to not just evaluate a single page of content, but to also see how well it fits in with the rest of the site! Not only does Scribe benefit us, but helps our blog’s regular contributors help get a feel for what is and what isn’t working in their articles in comparison with the rest of our site.

For years we wasted countless hours on manually optimising blog posts. Then we found Scribe. Now it’s as simple as instructing our staff: “Write your blog, analyse it using Scribe and don’t show me until your blog says: page score: 100. site score: 100.” I can’t recommend Scribe highly enough!

Since 2000 my businesses have depended on and have grown from from being found for the correct search terms. I used to have to work VERY hard staying up on all the SEO. Scribe the Genesis Framework has made that part of what I do MUCH easier and more effective! It’s almost an unfair advantage to those that don’t use those products. Thank you for producing great products and for ALL the outstanding customer service.

Scribe helps to make sense of SEO, the WordPress way, simple and easy to understand. I taught my 19 year old college freshman how to use and now he’s helping me manage SEO content for my sites and his own. I’ve seen improvement in traffic since using Scribe, especially my wife’s real estate site.

Those who know me consider me a good writer, mainly because I carefully craft my articles through several drafts. So why do I use and value Scribe? Because it’s like a very clever educator sitting right at my elbow – it’s truly a terrific service.

My skepticism of Scribe was short lived. Not only has the blog traffic to my site increased when using Scribe, but those posts I had created using it continued to get better traffic than my newer ones I was creating without it.

Scribe truly gives back the joy of writing to those of us who love to do so freely. We can finally forget about having to follow tricky writing formulas that schmooze up to search engines but snub human audiences. One click of a button and your content is given an optimization score using best practice criteria. If you fail to make the grade it’ll tell you what to tweak. Simple as that. I like it. I like it a lot!

For the past few months, I’ve been using the Scribe software to try and tighten up the SEO around my blog. It’s been working, and I’m pretty excited about the possibilities.

Scribe works wonders! It automates content marketing processes that otherwise take my time.

I started using the Scribe software about a month ago and it has completely boosted the search engine ranking for every article I’ve put up since.

Go out and spend the money on Scribe. It’s awesome. Seriously.

Scribe just makes sense for our clients that are new to blogging or those that need an out of the box simple solution for making posts both audience and search engine friendly. It’s a simple no-brainer recommendation.

Prior to using Scribe only 4% of my traffic was coming from search engines. Last night I checked and 53% of my traffic was coming from search.

I know you can’t prove causation from correlation, but that is just too big to be a coincidence for me. I am thrilled that people are finally finding me through search!

In the 16 years I’ve been doing web design, I’ve never seen anything like this, and have to say I’m very excited over the direction this amazing service is heading. I’ve already begun recommending Scribe to many of my web design and consulting clients with tremendous results. It’s ease of use and friendly user interface provides for powerful SEO software services for even the novice, non-techie user. For those of you looking to achieve higher organic search results, Scribe is by far the best low cost, do it yourself option for you!

Scribe can make you more visible. I’m now receiving consistent traffic that’s increased weekly since I bought the subscription. So try it for yourself.

Scribe has totally changed the way I think about writing and content marketing. It’s helped me clearly understand what keywords a search engine thinks my posts are about, and how to change keywords when the result isn’t what I expected. It’s helped me dramatically improve my search ranking locally, and that’s critical for a services company like mine. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

I have spent about 3 hours/week over the last few weeks optimizing my pages using Scribe. For my primary search terms, I have gone from page 3 to number 1, 2 or 3 on the first page for every one. For a small company like mine to rank higher than the largest competitor in my industry is awesome!

I have been using Scribe for about three months and my presence in organic listings has jumped almost 50%! I have more visitors than ever before and that is converting to more sales. Thank you for such an easy to use, effective tool. I recommend it to everyone I know!

Since installing Scribe 10 weeks ago, my traffic has increased 28%. This is a fantastic application.

Scribe has been a great resource for me! Without the analysis that Scribe provides, I would be writing my articles in the dark. Scribe allows me to see my articles exactly like the search engines do, which is invaluable!

I really rather love Scribe, and after playing around with my free trial, I got my husband to use it on a blog that he was writing. Now instead of standing over his shoulder muttering … Scribe does it for me.”

It’s like having your very own SEO Master standing over your shoulder with critical instruction for tweaking your content. The Scribe software service is content optimization at it’s finest.

Scribe takes the guesswork out of blogging, will benefit every aspect of your content… I’ve been using it and have been very impressed with its speed and how much better it has made my writing in general.

As an online marketing director and website consultant, I’ve watched dozens of small business owners glaze over with the thought of performing their own search engine optimization. Thanks to Scribe’s software service, those days are over. The immediate feedback and virtual hand-holding that Scribe provides gives small business owners the confidence that they can improve the visibility of their website on their own time, without blowing their budget by hiring an SEO pro to manage every page and post on their website. On behalf of all my clients now using Scribe … thank you.

I just want to tell you how much we appreciate Scribe. It has made life so much easier—my husband and I are not very technical. Using Scribe trains us to write better copy. Thanks for that! It’s genius level stuff!

Scribe delivers a strong combination of easy SEO compliance and effective education of content marketing techniques. After one month I am already seeing results and feel my capability growing. Effortless automation at a simple level, and huge leverage with the more advanced techniques.