3 Killer New Features are Waiting for You in Scribe 4.0 (Beta)

In case you missed it, last week Brian Clark sent out an email letting you know about the new Scribe for WordPress, version 4.0 (beta).

We are providing you with this beta version so that we can get your feedback before we release the final product.

For more information on how to get this beta version and see some helpful videos on the new features, go to http://scribeseo.com/v4beta.

What’s in the new version; why should you test it out?

We’ve added some powerful features specifically designed to dramatically improve your ability to increase traffic to your site, and to make your content marketing efforts much more effective.

Here’s the scoop:

While the current version of Scribe does a great job of analyzing content, it misses one important aspect – building a high-quality, well-focused site.

You might have the most perfectly optimized page in the world. But if the content of your site overall is out of line with that single page, then your optimized document won’t do well on search engines.

In other words (as we all knew), search engines are looking at our content more holistically. They want to know that you’ve created a quality experience for the reader beyond a single web page.

When we set out to upgrade Scribe, we knew that the key element in content marketing was to create sites focused on specific ideas – and to making sure that each new piece of content added builds up on each other.

So with version 4 of Scribe we set about to build a way to analyze both your content and your site.

So what’s changed in the new version? Well, a lot.

It starts with Keyword Research

Obviously, researching the right keywords is one of the foundations of search optimization.

We’ve reworked the entire keyword research functionality of Scribe to focus on the needs of content marketers, helping you to more easily find the relevant keywords for your goals.

Not only have we improved the types of keyword suggestions, but we also help you compare the popularity of a keyword to the amount of competition for that term. (It’s really a supply and demand question … how many sites out there are trying to rank for the term, and how many searchers are looking for it.)

With our new keyword research you can quickly identify niche terms that are both popular and with low competition – so you can improve your chances of becoming an authority online.

We’ve also included some additional research tools so you can quickly see how people are using a particular term in social media – which helps you craft relevant headlines based on online conversations.

If you want to know even more about a keyword, Scribe Keyword Research lets you drill down to measure the difficulty your site will have to rank for that term.

For content marketers, Scribe provides the information at a glance that will help you quickly research keyword usage, both online and on your site – so that you can be smart about how you’re using your time and energy.

OK, what about content analysis?

Content analysis is at the heart of Scribe. For this version, we built on those core ideas and went one step further – analyzing your content in the context of your site.

Of course we still provide the overall “how to write” features you have always used, but we went a big step further.

The new content analysis contains a feature called the Keyword Graph. We think it’s pretty cool, and we think you will, too.

This graph visually shows you not only the keywords that are in your document, it also shows you how well those keywords align to your site.

With the Keyword Graph, you can quickly visualize how well your content and your overall site are aligned. That kind of alignment leads to the editorial focus that search engines are looking for in high-quality content. (And if you’re not in alignment yet, the graph shows you what to focus on to improve that.)

We also introduced a new Site Score – a numeric value that scores the alignment of your document to your site.

Just because a piece of content is optimized does not mean it will fit with your site. As Scribe co-founder Sean Jackson always likes to say, no matter how much domain authority Copyblogger has, it’s never going to rank for the word pizza— because “pizza” isn’t what the site is about.

What link research is … and isn’t

Finally, we’ve also improved Link Research for you — though to tell you the truth, we’re not crazy about this term and will probably change it on final release to reflect what it truly is.

And what is that?

Think of the new Link Research tool as an online contact database for your content marketing work.

Anyone who’s focused on creating quality content will tell you that it’s vital to create connections with other high-quality content publishers. 

That doesn’t mean you try to spam, pester, or annoy them. It’s about creating strong networking relationships based on your mutual commitment to your topic.

With Scribe, we help you find those people – whether they’re bloggers or on social media networking sites like Google+ or Twitter.

So what do you think?

Are you ready to try out the improved keyword research, content analysis and link research tools? We think you’ll agree that they represent a real advance in what Scribe can do for your content.

If so, simply log into https://my.scribeseo.com and follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen.

Just keep in mind, this new version is in beta — so handle with care, and make sure you check out the instructions at http://scribeseo.com/v4beta for instructions on how to set it up.

P.S. One last point, and this is important – we want your feedback!

The new version of Scribe is a dramatic departure from every other tool available. Before we upgrade everyone, we want to give you the chance to let us know how it’s working for you. Whether your feedback is positive or you’ve found some areas we can improve, we would love to hear about it.