An Exclusive Offer for Our StudioPress Customers

Hey, Brian Gardner here … and I’ve got a special deal on our brand new Scribe 4.0 content marketing software — exclusively for our StudioPress customers.

Your Genesis-powered site provides a beautiful frame for the valuable content you create. Further, Genesis provides you with all the optimized code and SEO controls you need to make sure Google sees things the way you want it too.

But how do you make sure your content is attracting the targeted traffic you really want? If you’re in business, how do you get the leads you need to make more sales?

It comes down to the content marketing equation: content + social + search = success …

  • Content is the foundation, and Scribe gives you the research tools you need to discover the topics that matter to your intended audience, and the language they use when searching and discussing in social media.
  • Social networks, blogs, and social media news sites spark the sharing and natural links that cause your content to gain initial attention and provide valuable signals of content quality to both people and search engines.
  • Search rankings become viable once social sharing and links provide “signals” that people love your content, at which point on-page optimization and overall editorial strategy will have you outranking the competition.

In line with the online marketing trinity of content, social, and search, Scribe makes content marketing effective and efficient with three essential actionable functions: Research, Optimize, and Connect.

  • Research: Scribe shows you the language the audience prefers when searching and discussing on social networks, before you begin to create content. Once your content is created, Scribe reveals other profitable topics and keyword phrases.
  • Optimize: Scribe analyzes your content, and tells you exactly how to gently tweak it for better search engine rankings. Scribe also analyzes your overall site content to help you execute on your go-forward content strategy.
  • Connect: Scribe helps you crosslink your content to increase usability and time on site, identify websites for guest writing, strategic alliances, and link building, and locate social media users who’ll want to share your content.

Scribe for WordPress requires a theme that allows you to enter an alternate title tag and meta description — and you’ve got that covered with Genesis. Even better, Genesis owners get a special deal that’s not available to anyone else.

Scribe 4.0 is a major (r)evolution. We’ve worked on it for almost two years, and it’s our first patent pending technology … serious stuff. So serious in fact, that we want to make sure our best customers (you) get our best pricing.

Here’s how it works.

With the special promotional link below, you get our Professional plan for only $67 a month. The Professional plan is usually $97 a month, so this represents serious savings. And you’ll stay at that great low monthly price as long as you stick with us … even when we raise the price.

Here’s how to get that great deal right now (read all the steps first):

  1. First, click this special promo link to get the deal. (IMPORTANT: You must use this link to get the deal).
  2. You’ll automatically go to the Scribe home page. Make sure to look around.
  3. Watch the demo webinar we did for existing Scribe customers. All instruction, no hype.
  4. When you’re ready, go to the Plans and Pricing section and finish the sign-up process from there.
  5. You’re now on your way to more traffic and leads, with less time and hassle.

Remember, this special StudioPress-customers-only link is the key to the deal, so don’t forget to click it. :)

Get started with Scribe today and start getting more traffic and leads with less time and hassle.

Best Regards,

Brian Gardner
Founder: StudioPress
Chief Product Officer: Copyblogger Media