See Scribe in Action in this
Detailed Demonstration Webinar

This is a demo of Scribe 4.0 for WordPress
Don’t forget that every subscription includes Scribe Web as well

The only thing better than playing with Scribe yourself is to watch it in action. Sean Jackson and Chris Garrett of Copyblogger Media did this detailed demonstration of Scribe version 4.0 for WordPress. This demo was for our existing Scribe customers, so it’s no-hype and all valuable “how to” and “why” information.

You’ll receive a full tour of our popular integrated WordPress version, which allows you to use all of Scribe’s functionality from your WP admin interface. Don’t forget that Scribe Web allows you to research, optimize, and connect for any website, print out client reports, and publish content directly to WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Once you see what Scribe can do, try it for yourself. Our risk-free Scribe test drive let you fall in love with Scribe in 30 days or less, or your money back.