Compatible WordPress Plug-ins and Frameworks

Scribe works with WordPress 2.8.4 and subsequent versions via the plug-in and API key we give you when you subscribe.

Scribe requires the ability to enter a custom title tag and a meta description via your WordPress interface. Several popular plug-ins and frameworks, both free and paid, enable these two functions so you can use Scribe directly from WordPress.

As long as you are using a supported plugin or framework, Scribe will work with your theme!

The following is a list of plug-ins and frameworks supported by Scribe for WordPress 2.8.4 and higher. If you do not see your plug-in or framework listed below, please have the provider submit a request form and we will do our best to incorporate it in.

SEO Plug-Ins Supported

**Please note, for wpSEO you will need to enable the Add Title Manually option from the Settings > wpSEO page AND the Add Description Manuallyoption.

Frameworks Supported

If you are not using one of the listed plugins, the following frameworks are also supported.Please note that your THEME for your site may be running on one of the following frameworks for WordPress.

*Please note for WooThemes, you will need to enable the woo_title option found in SEO > Page Title. In addition, you will need to enable the SEO > Description Meta > Single Page/Post Description > From Custom Field option for Scribe to work properly.

**If you upgrade to Headway 3.0, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. After installing Headway 3.0, go to Settings>Scribe Settings.
  2. Under the Selection Your Current SEO Tool, click the second radio option button.
  3. Select Headway 3.0 from the list presented in the drop-down box.
  4. Click the Save button.