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Introducing Scribe 3.0

When boiled down to the fundamentals, SEO is about 3 things:

  1. Keywords
  2. Content
  3. Links

Scribe has been focused primarily on on-page content elements so far. We’ve now added full keyword research and link-building tools to Scribe Web and Scribe for WordPress, so now all your fundamental bases are covered.

Scribe 3.0 makes SEO easier and more efficient than ever:

  • First, the Scribe keyword research tool tunes you into the right language before you write. Once your content is created, the Scribe keyword suggestion service shows you keyword phrases you might have missed.
  • Second, Scribe analyzes your natural, reader-focused content, and tells you how to gently tweak it to spoon feed search engines based on 15 SEO best practices.
  • Third, Scribe’s link building tools help you build back links from other sites, crosslink the content within your own site, and identify influential social media users who want to share your stuff.

We’ve got a new site design, new tour and demo videos, and even a great new limited-time promotional offer (if you look hard enough), so the best way to learn more about the new Scribe is to click through to the homepage now.

Introducing Scribe for Joomla and Drupal

Scribe now works directly within the Joomla and Drupal blogging/content management systems. Just as with Scribe WordPress, you can now optimize content for Joomla and Drupal without ever leaving the control panel of either CMS.

We’d like to thank Barrie North of JoomlaShack and Harry Hopkins from Reliable Studios for developing the Joomla plug-in for Scribe. Likewise, many thanks to Tom McCracken of Level Ten Design for the technical solution that makes Scribe available to Drupal users.

All versions of Scribe included

A lot of you publish on multiple platforms, or have clients who do. So when you subscribe to Scribe, you get Scribe Web and Scribe for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, all inclusive. This will likely not always be the case, so yet another reason to get on board with Scribe today.

Scribe 2.0 for WordPress

We’ve released a new version of Scribe for WordPress. Here’s what’s new:

  1. You already know about the new integrated keyword suggestion tool for researching and evaluating keyword options based on search frequency.
  2. You can now restrict or allow Scribe access for different authors/users.
  3. You can manually select the theme or plugin you wish to use with Scribe.
  4. You can now use Scribe for WordPress with WooThemes, the wpSEO plug-in, and the Platinum SEO plug-in.
  5. We’ve corrected a bug that caused some WordPress pages to not analyze properly.
  6. There’s now an enhanced Scribe widget box that shows you the number of evaluations you have left while editing.
  7. Scribe WP is ready to go for WordPress 3.0.

New Integrated Keyword Suggestion Tool

keyword suggestion tool

We’ve added a cool new feature in Scribe that automatically displays alternate keyword suggestions. This new tab shows you related keywords relevant to your content, and the search volume for each term.

You’ll now discover other keyword phrases you should be targeting – either for more traffic or less competition – all from inside any version of Scribe. This is just one more way Scribe makes content optimization more efficient and effective.

Development Update for April 2010

In April, we’ve been spending time on a couple of technical fronts that should manifest themselves soon.

Microsoft Word Plugin

In a nutshell, Word is a pain – but worth it. We had hoped to have a beta release for April 2010 but the reality is it is not ready for prime time testing. MS Word is a very tough environment, even for experts like Ty Anderson. We’re getting closer and are doing internal builds every day. Our feeling is this is the “holy grail” and want to get it right before we open to beta testing. Stay tuned.


We have some internal working versions of Drupal and should have a formal release in May. Look for a beta test invite in our Support Center in the next two weeks.


We have a great development partner who is truly an expert in Joomla. We have just started on this so no updates yet – but we are moving on it.

WordPress Version 2.0

This upgrade to version 1.0.11 of our WordPress plugin is VERY close to release. We are waiting on a few theme and plugin developers to give us some information. Again look for the beta announcement in the next two weeks with the launch in May.

New Feature

We are working on including a new feature in Scribe that will show Related Keywords and relative volume for these terms. This new feature will dramatically help writers research keywords and keyword phrases that have strong search volume. This new feature will be launched in late May and be part of all versions of Scribe (WordPress, Drupal and Scribe Web).

Feature In Development

We are finalizing a unique feature that will help writers quickly identify other blog sites and Twitter users who may be interested in the content created in Scribe. This feature, titled “Get Connected”, is designed to help writers directly connect with other writers who are discussing the primary content the author is working on.

We NEED a Moveable Type Developer

If you are or know a rock star in Moveable Type development, PLEASE have them contact us. It should be very straight forward and we need someone with strong skills in SOAP. Have them contact us.

New Office

On a personal note, Scribe has moved to new offices. We are in a great area and couldn’t be happier. Very bare, but when you’re software developers, electricity, internet, and computers with desks and chairs works well. :)

Introducing Scribe Web

Scribe is now available as a standalone web application. So no matter the ultimate publishing destination or content management system, Scribe lets you get the job done more efficiently than ever.

This standalone version of Scribe is especially well-suited for professional web writers who deal with clients on multiple platforms. The Scribe web version even produces an optimization report that can be delivered to clients along with the optimized content. This helps you keep clients better educated about the SEO process, and more in tune with the value you provide as a writer.

Scribe Web is available at https://my.scribeseo.com and is included for all subscribers along with Scribe for WordPress. Take a look at the quick video below to see how easy SEO copywriting can be with the Scribe web version.

Scribe Web-based Version

Take a look at this quick video to see how the web-based version of Scribe works. Scribe Web allows you to optimize content no matter what the eventual publishing platform. Perfect for professional web writers who deal with organizations on varying content management systems, Scribe Web even produces an optimization report for your clients. And you get Scribe for WordPress included with your subscription!

Scribe SEO Updates for March 2010

It has been a busy month for the Scribe Development team. We are working on a number of items for release this month.

Scribe for WordPress Version 1.0.11 in Beta

We will be releasing version 1.0.11 of Scribe by March 19th. This update will include support for the Genesis Theme, Hybrid Child Themes, FV All In One SEO and correct a few bugs related to javascript inside of posts sent for analysis. No major feature changes, just broadening our base of support.

Scribe Web Only For March 2010

We are working tirelessly on getting the Scribe Web Only Version available this month. This new tool, available within https://my.scribeseo.com will include the same functionality of Scribe for WordPress and be available as a stand-alone web application. In addition, this version includes a feature that will automatically generate a Microsoft Word Analysis report. No additional cost for this new version since it will use the same API key features of WordPress.

Scribe for Microsoft Word in Development

We are working on an Alpha Version of Scribe for Microsoft Word. Very early stages of testing and review and we will have more new about this during PubCon Dallas on April 13-15.

Scribe Support

We are keeping an active forum of support and help at https://my.scribeseo.com. The support area contains a number of demo videos and active discussions on the product. Please take a moment to log into MyScribe and look at the support area.

liveSite CMS Integrated with Scribe

March 2010

liveSite with Scribe

Camelback Web Architects, developers of the liveSite CMS platform has officially launched their latest version that includes the Scribe SEO API.

liveSite™ combines a powerful online ‘point & click’ website builder, CMS, web forms, calendaring, blogging, e-mail campaigns, membership management and e-commerce – all integrated into one easy-to-use, secure, and affordable website hosting solution.

With this latest release, users of liveSite will now have the option of using the Scribe Content Optimizer technology when editing their liveSite.

“Search Engine Optimization has always been considered a mysterious craft, requiring a call to an expensive consultant each time a new web page went up. Scribe has changed all that. Now, anyone can optimize their web pages, saving valuable time and money.  Scribe is amazing,” says Michael Wilson, CEO of Camelback.

Scribe is proud to have liveSite as an integrated partner of our technology. For those customers that need an enterprise-level CMS solution with excellent SEO capabilities, we strongly encourage you to consider liveSite CMS.

Introducing Scribe

You may have noticed I’ve been writing a lot about SEO copywriting lately on Copyblogger. More than that, I’ve been working on a content optimization software solution for the last 6 months with a team of very smart people.

It’s called Scribe, and it makes SEO copywriting simple. Creating search optimized web pages, blog posts, and press releases used to be time consuming at best and mystifying at worst.

Not anymore.

Start exploring our new website today to see how Scribe works for you.

And thanks for being here.